Custom Plan Configuration

To customize this plan, enter your custom requirements in the fields provided below. Your investment amount for your customized plan will be displayed. Click on "Subscribe" to continue to process your subscription. The CUSTOM plan is for a duration of 365 days.


The features of the premium plan includes the following abilities:

  • Activate your own private training site/course catalog/university upon subscription (with your own title and logo).

  • Add learners and locations that can access your private course catalog. You can upgrade these at any time to expand your base.

  • Allocate positions and departments to your learners and tie them to specific courses for their role.

  • Add courses and competency assessments (for free) from MyCourseRoom's catalog to your private course catalog.

  • Use our course builder to add your own courses to your private catalog.

  • Use our sample onboarding course to customize to your own (with a new title) and add this new course to your catalog for new hires.

  • View learner progress reports and download these into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

  • Learners receive their certificates and transcripts at no additional cost.

  • Allocate rights for additional administrators to manage your account.

  • Allocate rights to course authors called SMEs to develop courses and to manage your course catalog.

  • Use Club Forums outside of the structured courses to have ongoing discussions on any topic. You can use it to share best practices, share new policies, or use it to share suggestions among your learners. You can have your SMEs manage your Club Forum.

  • Use the "Send Message" feature to inform all your learners of new courses, club forum topic, or just to inform them on any topic.

  • Hover over helpers "?" to learn more as you manage your account. These helpers provide great guidance.

  • Please email if you have additional questions.

Click on "Subscribe" to complete your subscription. You will be provided with helpers along the way to set up your location/s. Note, it will take you less than 30 minutes to have a live course catalog with MyCourseRoom courses in them and assigned to learners to begin taking courses.