Internal-stress sources

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Posted: May 02, 2013 23:31:00    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

Reflect on your tendencies to generate stress, and write a short paragraph outlining which of the internal-stress sources (anxiousness, unrealistic desires, unhealthy lifestyle, addiction to stress) apply to you. Do you think these tendencies can be controlled?
Posted: Mar 24, 2022 12:35:28    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

I have social anxiety which causes me internal stress and it is very hard to control
Posted: Sep 04, 2022 12:36:34    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

Sorry about that.
Posted: Feb 16, 2023 10:25:32    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

I am the same way, would rather be a home body if I could.
Posted: Feb 24, 2022 11:33:44    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

when I know a stressful situation is coming and I don't take time to prepare my thoughts, I slip into addictive card games instead of preparing my daily habits that will make the next day go smoother.
Posted: Feb 26, 2024 19:30:32    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

I understand, I also sometimes avoid preparing for stressful situations rather than doing things which might be helpful. Usually at the last minute I will prepare.
Posted: Dec 20, 2021 00:00:37    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

Unhealthy lifestyle for me causes stress. Not eating healthy, not exercising and not getting enough sleep. All of these can be controlled by me.
Posted: Feb 24, 2022 11:34:43    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

I agree, we slip into addictions and unhealthy eating thinking stress will fade away.
Posted: Mar 24, 2022 12:36:14    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

That is true?at least you realize this
Posted: Nov 19, 2021 12:58:07    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

I am anxious alot about bad things happening to my family. I also have unrealistic expectations about getting everything finished in a day. I go to bed exhausted every night because I struggle letting things go. Yes, I could control these but sometimes do not realize I'm doing them.
Posted: Feb 24, 2022 11:35:52    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

The what if... question can control and bring stress over the control and not help the situation.
Posted: Apr 12, 2022 11:38:00    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

Yes. Sometimes it's hard to realize until after you have calmed down.
Posted: Feb 26, 2024 19:32:50    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

Yes I sometimes also don't realize that I am bringing stress on myself. It can be hard to sept back and analyze what is really necessary and what is unrealistic and also when to take breaks and rest and when to make sure things get done because somethings are important and do need to be done.
Posted: Nov 07, 2021 08:22:58    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

Anxiousness apply to me. By learning relaxation technique, I think this tendency can be controlled.
Posted: Feb 24, 2022 11:37:29    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

Meditation is a good way to relieve stress or anxious tendency.
Posted: Mar 24, 2022 12:36:48    Subject: Internal-stress sources Quote

It is very hard to control anxiety

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